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     Mount Ossa is situated in the north-east of the Prefecture of Larissa and is separated from Low Olympus by the valley of Tembi. According to the Greek mythology, giants tried to place mount Olympus, Ossa and Pelion together in order to reach the gods.
    In her work entitled “Alexiada” that dates from the 12th century A.D, Ann the Comninian first uses the name Kissavos in order to refer to mount Ossa. It is a mountain overgrown with beeches, chestnuts, arbutuses, firs and oak-trees. A great extent of the mountain has been qualified as an aesthetic grove and is protected by the Pan-European Network Natura 2000. Picturesque villages such as Ambelakia, Karitsa, Melivia, Megalovriso,    Anatoli and Spilia are perched on the slopes of mount Ossa.

     One of its main features are its precipices and ravines that create impressive cascades and ravines which finally reach the golden jagged coastline of the Aegean Sea.
   The road network of the mountain is vast and accessible all year round thus offering its visitors the opportunity to enjoy every corner of it. Its highest peak (Prophet Elijah 1,978 m) is visible from most points of the Prefecture and is easily recognized because of its conic shape.

    It is also considered to be an ideal destination for the lovers of nature and adventure seeing that it has
well-traced paths, perfectly organized climbing grounds, cycling infrastructures (Pan-Hellenic Championship) while it is also possible to drive through it in 4x4 vehicles.
    The E.O.S mount shelter of Larissa on the spot of “Kanalos” (1604 m) has the right infrastructures for visitors especially in summer period.



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