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Olympus-the mountain of the gods


    When you just face the mountain but mainly when you climb up Olympus you have the feeling that the gods have never left their palaces and that you will meet the Muses somewere.       

     Mighty Mount Olympus was the heavenly home of the gods in ancient times and still inspires thousands of visitors who flock here from all over the world to tackle the tough trek to the highest peak in Greece . The entire area was declared Greece 's first national park in 1937 and consists of eight peaks including the "Throne of Zeus" at 2909 metres and Mytikas which has the highest summit at 2919 metres

     Olympus is situated between the prefectures of Larissa and Pieria. It separates Thessaly from Macedonia. The park is located 100 kilometres to the south west of Thessaloniki .

    This magnificent mountain range is home to around 1700 plant species, many of which are unique to Olympus . The mountainsides are cloaked in dense forests of pine, beech, oak and cedar trees which harbour various wildlife including wolves, bears and lynx. The slopes are buried beneath two metres of snow in winter and only accessible to the most experienced climbers - even in July the snow lurks in shadowed corners and crevices.

   The visitor will experience unforgetable moments when he climbs up the mountain. He can walk a long lots of paths and admire the wild and imposing beauty of the mountain.
   The easiest acces to the mountain is from the village called Litohoro. There is a road which leads to Stavros (945 m altitude) and from there you can go to Prionia. The longest part of the road is tarred. The visitor takes pleasure in seeing magnificent landscapes on the way to the summit.


     The area around Olympus has been inhabited since the ancient times. The mountain played an important role in the ancient Greek lives; this can be seen from the fact that it was the centre of the Greek religious consciousness and was considered to be the residence of the 12 Olympian gods, the Muses and many other gods and godesses. The ruins of the ancient cities Livithra, Pythio and Dion testify this.



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