7th High School of Larissa
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     Our school is one of the most beautiful schools of Larissa.  It  has 9 teaching classes. Also there is an artistic, a computers , a music class, a Chemical laboratory, a Library, a professors' office , the office of Secretariat, and the Principal's office. It has two floors. In the basement there are the offices, the secretariat, the library, the laboratory of computers and four teaching classes . In the first floor,there are five classes, the artistic class, the class of music and the chemical laboratory.

     There is a big courtyard, that we shaped, in collaboration with the Municipality of Larissa,  including it in a program of environmental education. Also there is a modern gym, that we  share with the 4th T.E.E. . The only thing that our school doesn't have  is a room of multiple uses, to  accomodate our various activities.

        In the sector of new technologies, our school has a complete laboratory of computers, wich is constisted of 12 computers connected in network. In our laboratory, apart from the students, professors  also use the computers.  Also  there is an Intrnet connection, wich our students use daily.  

     There are other seven computers, in the secretariat and other six in the library, six printers, two skaners and two copiers.  We have  two televisions and two videos, wich are used in the various courses, as well as for the projection of selected films. 




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7th High School of Larissa