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   Thessaly is one from the nine apartments of Greece and also one from her thirteen Regions. It occupies the central department of continental Greece and geomorphologically, belongs to a big plain that it is surrounded by tall mountain ranges. The Prefectures of Larissa, Magnesia, Trikala and Karditsa and the islands of Sporades by which the biggest are Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos constitute Thessaly.

     The origin of her name is connected with the fabulous hero "Thettalo", son of Ajmona. Generally the band entertains a big piece of mythology and history of Greece and performs an important role in the configuration of rhythms of national life, as much in the politician as much as in social, economic, and intellectual level.

   The Ancient "Alos" (hellenistic  city), the "Dimitriada", "Djmini", the "Ferai" (prehistorically settlements of Neolithic Season), the fortresses, the caverns and the monasteries constitute spaces monuments of Greek culture, with enormous interest for the visitors.

    The Thessalian ground is a place that is characterized by big diversity of landscape and includes the most interesting and unique shaping of Greece.


    In the mountain range of Olympus, the residence of 12 gods of ancient mythology is found the taller top of Greece, named "Mitikas" (2.917m.).

    Big sightseeing interest presents still, the Southern department of mountain range of Pindos, the Meteora, that is the bigger Religious and Monasterial cluster but also a climbing field of Greece and the "Pilion" that is from the most traditional mountainous band.


   The Thessalian plain is crossed by the river "Penaeus", the third bigger river of Greece in length, while in the plateau of "Nevropolis" in "Agrafa" range, is entertained the artificial lake of Tayropos into an overgrown Alpine landscape.

    The mountains with the lakes and the forests, the sea with the islands and plains with the rivers and the tributaries are points that attract a lot of visitors, serving, as much in the expert - thematic tourism, as in the sightseeing. The most and more important of these bands are belonging in the «Natura 2000» network.


    Lately the growth of ecotourism and agritourism, has created, a news current of visitors, that focuses the aim of his visit, in the contact with the natural environment and the local delivery .




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